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Get started by hitting on bookbookbot.com

Hint: Click image to enlarge.

Connect your Facebook account (the account should have Admin role at your restaurant Fan Page).

Hint: If you don’t see this screen, that means your Facebook account has been auto-login by the browser.

In case you want to log in with another Facebook account, you can open or in a new tab and sign out from the current account.

Welcome to the Portal ! This is where you can manage your chatbot.

Accept the Terms of Service and

This simple walkthrough will help you setup your bot in 3 steps.

Tell us your restaurant name and phone number before hitting

We’d like to know the opening hours of your restaurant. It may be much more complex but don’t worry, a simple and general set of hours here will do.

Set the number of seats you want to sell through Facebook. You can make changes later.

Next up is the login credentials for Waiter App , where your restaurant staff manage bookings received by the chatbot.

Simply set up with a shared email address and password.

Ta-da! You have successfully created the bot!

Take a look of the Dashboard . You can find all the panels to master your bot here.

The next step is to to connect to your Facebook Pages list.

This permission allows Bookbook Bot to get the list of the Facebook Pages you own.

Your bot will not be published unless you connect to a Page

Click to publish the chatbot to your restaurant Page. You can disconnect it anytime.

Published means your bot is now live on the Page.

Congrats! You’ve created the first chatbot for your restaurant. If you want to customize more of your chatbot, you can go on with the advanced configurations.

Welcome to the advanced part of this tutorial! You’ll be able to unlesh the power of you bot with the following configurations.

Let’s start with in Teach Bot .

In the first panel you can upload an image, edit the name, open hours, website and phone number of your restaurant.

By default the open hours are set for every day, i.e. Monday to Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holiday (Ph).

You’ll find the option to add another set of opening hours by unchecking any day in the current set.

Each set of opening hours consists of 2 sessions. You can type in the name, start and end time for each session.

You may remove unwanted set by clicking the trash icon on the top-right corner.

Hint: If you want to have 1 session only (e.g. an All-day session), you may name the unwanted session as “Closed” (or something else you can recognize) and disable this session in later step.

In the second panel you can give details of your restaurant location.

Drag the map to re-position. The address and map link will be auto-generated.

Now you’ve taught your bot the general information about your restaurant. Hit to get back to Dashboard .

Let’s head to in Teach Bot .

In the first panel you can define the booking rules for your restaurant.

You can constrain the earliest and latest reservation in minutes or days, and also the maximum party size for each reservation.

In the second panel you will find a list of booking sessions. They are set according to the opening hours you defined a few moments ago.

You can toggle the state of a specific session between Accept Booking and Disabled .

Hint: You can disable any unwanted (e.g. Closed) session with the toggle.

You can configure a booking session by clicking it on the list (in the previous step).

You are recommended to configure each of the items one by one according to the order.

Timeslots will be generated according to the configurations, showing the available booking options for your diners.

You’ve provided all the booking information about your restaurant. Hit to get back to Dashboard .

Now you can proceed to the Bot Settings panel. You’ll have to choose the language and auto-reply mode that fit your need.

Here comes the last panel, Booking Management .

Hit if you don’t need to make changes to the login credentials you entered a few moments ago.

Hint: Your staff will use this set of email address and password to log in to the Waiter App , so make sure to keep it in safe hands.

The generated link redirects to the Waiter App , a page to manage bookings received by the chatbot.

You may the link and send it to your staff, or to take a look.

Congrats! You’re all set!

Tell your customers your restaurant can now take reservations via Facebook!

Having trouble getting around? Ask us anything!

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