About Us

The very first chatbot we created was for our own. It was 2014. My co-founder Wing and I started a small project that helped organize and rent out unutilized event spaces in our neighborhood. Although it came with a rather sophisticated online booking system, most of our customers still reached out to us via text messages.

To help ease the pressure on our customer service manpower, we created our first reservation chatbot on Facebook Messenger. It started out as an experiment, but shortly after the outcome got our full attention. Instant messages feel personal. It is an element our customers were looking for, but somehow missing in traditional booking forms, or even phone calls.

Then over time with zigs and zags, Bookbook Bot was founded.

Bookbook Bot is a chatbot solution for restaurants. We dedicate our service to reservations because we understand how inefficient the process is. It is repetitive and somewhat demotivating to answer phone calls every day, just to note down the same information: date, time, and number of guests.

So we decided to make it a “solution” this time, that can be used by more people. We believe at the end of the day technologies are tools created to solve problems. They bring conveniences, save time, and improve our quality of lives. They should be easy to use and made for everyone.

There are some other beliefs that has stayed with us, and will continue to guide everything we do:

Going forward there are still more work to be done. We will continue to improve our product, forge new partnerships, and do everything we can to make good technologies available to everyone. On this journey it would be great to have you with us too! Feel free to drop us a message anytime, for anything